Fiber Animals

     Minnie the Yak is guard and watcher of all things sheepy from the new born lambs to head butts with the ram (she claims that he starts most of them). She is her own creature and very secure in herself. While our opinions may not always match, at the end of the day she likes to gently lean against me as I scratch her shoulder and we survey our flock.


     And what a colorful flock it is. A mixture of different bloodlines- Corriedale, CVM, Romney, Lincoln, and Teeswater- give a wide variety of fleece types from fine and crimpy to long and lustrous in white, various shades of grey, sand to chestnut in the browns and a few that are quite black. Late winter through early spring brings a whole new assortment of bouncing lambs. Most are available for sale as the flock is as big as it should be. The sheep used in the last two winning PA Sheep to Shawl contest shawls came from here. Call or E-mail to see what we have available.


     The rest of the “fiber flock” consists of Angora rabbits. Predominantly they are French Angora, however new additions include a French X German and a beautiful Chestnut Satin. Check and see if we have any new litters available.