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      I understand that not everyone realizes this, but Horses are MAGICAL. The connection between a horse and rider may be hard to explain, but the thrill of riding bareback in a snow storm of huge flakes softly blanketing the world around while a bald eagle circles in the sky keeps me hauling those buckets of water and cleaning those stalls day in and day out. I have been blessed to work with three generations of horses from Folly Farm Grey Forrester, a gorgeous grey Shire stallion owned by Gene and Vicky McCaffrey, to his son, Ox Kill Timber Bob, who’s slightly smaller stature of 17.1 hands may have kept him from winning in the show ring but his big heart won every one over who knew him. While those two great stallions have moved on to the next greener pasture, I have the third generation here. Gurdy Run Merlin, and, Gurdy Run Robin, are both sired by ,Ox Kill Timber Bob, and out of, Wren of Castle Pook, a lovely Gypsy Vanner mare I imported from Ireland. Merlin, Robin and, their older half-brother and full Gypsy Vanner, Whippoorwill of Gurdy Run, share my stable with a black pony named Rookie and a grey quarter horse mare named Meeka.

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